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Wave House

The ultimate Hacker House

Part agency

Know who we are

We’re a members only creative think tank

Brought to you by the Neon Roots team centrally located in West Hollywood, CA.

Current tenants include

5m+ followers of social media influencers
Lifestlye/content production shoots

Who is allowed to work with us?

“The Wave House is collaborative community filled with experts across diverse backgrounds and experiences. From influencers, marketers, developers & more, it is a place that allows me to take projects from ideas to scale.”
Justin Wu
Y Combinator Graduate, Digital Influencer
“The House itself radiates creativity, and everyone here is extremely passionate about being here regardless of what they’re working on. Coming to produce content with the Wave House crew always leaves me inspired.”
Hailee Keanna (@haileebobailee)
InstaCelebrity Influencer

Neon Roots - Officeland

"Welcome to the wave house, Neon Roots' studio/office where we got to take a sneak peek of their lookbook photoshoot."

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Mailing address:
8560 Sunset Blvd #500
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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